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Photos from Verona Marmomacc Fair

The Verona Stone Show (Marmomacc) in Italy this 2019 year has one obvious feature:

More terrazzo manufacturers showed up than in previous years.

Does this bode well for a trend? Will the Terrazzo come back in style now?

In mainland China, in recent years, there are several factories, already installed new production lines, began to produce terrazzo blocks, terrazzo large slabs, terrazzo tiles.

The quality is also very good, some customers said that the quality is better than Italy.

The point is that the cost is much lower than the price of Italian production.

Terrazzo can be widely used on outdoor walls and floors, with big quantity. If terrazzo is going to catch on, are you ready for the TERRAZZO WAVE OF WEALTH??

Our factory produces terrazzo, if you need samples, please feel free to contact me, 7X24 hours waiting for your reply.

I took a couple of photos at the Verona show, please take a look as below: