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Good News for Super White

Super Good News!

We visited a new factory today, their super ultra-white quality is very good, the price also has the advantage.

We can't help but share the good news with you.

Why do they have an advantage in the price?

Here's why:

1. The new factory, whose parent company is engaged in the production and sale of natural quartz sand and quartz powder, has its own quartz mine, and its own natural quartz sand and quartz powder production line, which can control the quality very well.

2. They started to install quartz surface plant last year, began to produce quartz slabs since then, now can be stable batch production of quartz slabs.

3. Our factory has been purchasing quartz sand and quartz powder from them, we are their customer for the sand and powder, so if we want to purchase quartz slab from them, we can have a more competitive price.

4. The only requirement is the MOQ for the super ultra-white need to be one full 20 feet container.

If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us at any time, the quality first, the price is definitely a surprise.

Let's get rich together from now on!

Super White Quartz

Super White Quartz slab