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About Us

ECOSTONES has a very wide range of agglomerate products, engineered marbles, quartz, onyx and the latest terrazzo series. A total of more than 100 designs and colours to be used in all applications from residential housing to commercial heavy duty areas.

The brand name, ECOSTONES, sounds out the motto of our company. ECO(logy)STONES using recycled natural stones as the main content. Small pieces of natural marble, quartz and onyx are disposed by the quarries owner as there are no selling value to them. The discarded stones are causing environmental problems to many countries as there are improperly handled, rivers are blocked, roads are narrowed, earth are loosen. ECOSTONES used all these stones and create into something elegant, durable and ECONOMIC.

ECO(nomic)STONES is essential during this economy crisis period. ECOSTONES is able to provide solutions to all construction needs in the most economical way. We have everyone in mind while designing every single piece of product.